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Not even kidding; this salad is AMAZING! The main reason why I like it so much is that come summertime; peach stands are everywhere in Texas! Local farmers showcase their homegrown peaches in every parking lot, every street corner, and at every food/culture festival all over the greater San Antonio area! It's fun, it's festive, and it's oh so Texan!

Up until this point I have DREADED the summer months in Texas. They're hot, sticky, and the mosquitos are widespread. TBH, I truly haven't acclimated to this weather until recently. 9 years ago I moved here from Reno, NV. Northern Nevada spoiled me with mountain/desert air, zero humidity, and minimal bugs (my preferred way to live).

My transition from NV to TX was terrible. I had horrible allergies, an over-abundant growth of acne, styes in both eyes, while fighting for sole custody of my son (long story - separate blog post). But the one thing that I found enjoyable was seeing an array of peach stands scattered throughout my unexpected home-to-be. The sight was quite lovely, and I couldn't help but be charmed by it.

Overall, I was luckily enough to turn a bad memory into a good one!

So here is my Smoky Summer Peach Salad! Hope y'all enjoy it!

Time: 20 Minutes Yields: 3-4


2 cups of greens - I used arugula because that’s what I had in my fridge! Feel free to use field greens or spinach.

1 tablespoon of fresh basil, chiffonade

1 large ripe peach, diced

1 cup of cooked bacon, diced

¼ cup of feta, blue, or goat cheese – this truly depends on your taste buds! If you prefer sweeter flavors go with goat, if you’re in the mood for savory go with feta. If you like a combination of both, do blue cheese!

½ cup red onion, sliced thin

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar

Pinch of Himalayan salt

Pinch of black pepper

Sprinkle of smoked paprika


  1. Prepare and chop all ingredients as listed above.

  2. Throw everything in a bowl (except smoked paprika)– mix and serve.

  3. Garnish with sprinkled smoked paprika.

Optional Add-Ins

1/8 cup pecans

1/8 cup pumpkin seeds

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