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Ok guys just in case you didn't know, I'm Filipino. And by nature we LOVE to eat. Growing up, we never had to worry about running out of food because my parents were on point about making good food a priority. Fortunately for us, 7 times out of 10 my parents cooked up nutritious meals that tasted pretty dang good. I owe much of my mature palette to them.

Now, being a chef I clearly have a strong affinity towards food in general. And as much as I love Filipino food, ironically enough I'm not crazy about Filipino desserts. A few of them are ok, but most of them are rice based with tapioca and bunch of other things I just can't put before chocolate or lemon-fused desserts, lol. However, there is one Filipino dessert that I could devour over and over again! It's creamy, it's cold, and it's perfect on a hot summer day! The only problem is is that it's packed with sugar, cream cheese, and sweetened condensed milk. Let's be real, Sassy Chef is not about that life whatsoever! So I've created a clean-eating version of what I like to call "Creamy Island Fruit Bowls." And since the smoothie/acai/yogurt bowl craze is on the rise, this will be an easy addition to your sweet treat repertoire! Not kidding guys, this Filipino-inspired dessert is sure to satisfy and literally takes minutes to prepare! Here it is..... INGREDIENTS 2 cups pineapple 2 cups papaya 2 bananas 1 cup chopped dates 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 tablespoon real maple syrup/truvia 1 can coconut milk - refrigerate coconut milk for at least an hour prior to making this recipe METHOD 1. Chop fruit into large chunks. 2. Separate the cream of the milk from the water. 3. Mix cream with a hand mixer or stand up mixer.

4. Add vanilla and maple syrup (or truvia)to cream. 5. Combine cream with fruit. 6. Garnish with almonds or other nuts of your choice.

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