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Private Chef Heather Larican is a clean-eating blogger, caterer, fitness instructor, and meal prep queen! She has been servicing the San Antonio area since 2010. With her background in both culinary arts & fitness, she provides a service that encompasses the art of healthy living through passion and hard work.


The creative brand of clean-eating cuisine is embellished in her food. You can see it, smell it, taste it, and much like life, experience it. She will continue to make the best product she can, and hopefully in the process, inspire you just the same.


Your Sassy Chef will change perceptions of what it means to live a clean and abundant life. She wants to help people establish an excited approach to eating healthy, cooking healthy, and living healthy; a fun approach that is fueled by great energy and even better food, so you can continue to make the best choices for you.


You can find Chef Heather Larican on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube. She also teaches virtual fitness classes on her private Facebook group, Covi Fit by Sassy Chef. For more information on Covi Fit, click on the link below.

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